Our clients speak highly of our work because we consider every detail. With our expertise and experience in photography, we select only the best equipment and quality lighting. Imagine standing in a professional-grade photography studio with a crew. A lighting operator works the spotlights, the flashes, the reflectors. The photographer works the handheld Digital SLR camera. We have brought all the high-end aspects of a studio into each of our booth rentals.

Our rentals range from the traditional sit-down style to an illuminated open air booth, which are completely brand-able. Our booths are colorful as well. We have white, black and red booths available; specifically, IGLOO, WHITE, and OUTDOOR to name a few more. Let us help you create “BRAND LOVE” in the space you’re in.

If you are looking for something more customized, we can wrap one of the 29 booths we have, or build one to your specific company activation needs. We can create ANY type of photo activation depending on your theme. Scroll down to see examples of backgrounds, green screen effects and templates for your next event. Be sure to click each individual section for the full camera roll showcasing our examples from real events!

View all the backgrounds available that come with our photo booth rentals.

Super-impose yourself into a setting for some real perspective.

Explore our templates to see which would look best with your friends and family.

Step and Repeat Banners
What is a Step and Repeat? The definition of a Step and Repeat Banner (also know as a Red Carpet Backdrop) is a custom banner that contains images, logos, sponsors, names, dates, etc. (and the list goes on) that are repeated throughout the banner for the purpose of advertising and capturing photos of your cherished moments. Uses of Step and Repeats are endless!
Green Screen
What is a Green Screen (Chroma Key)? Why would I want one? With Green Screen technology, you can choose the image(s) you would like behind your guest(s) in their photo. We can also have your guest(s) choose an image from different choices on our touch screen monitors. They will see what the photo will look like prior to taking their photo(s) with the live view screen.

Social Integration

Social Integrations? Yes, and we do it better than anyone. Whether you want to offer ALL sources of Social Media at your event/activation or only focus on just one. We have you fully covered. In addition to social media, we also offer email capture and hashtag tracking with full after action reports. This way you can direct market post event/activation as well as fully assess your ROI.

Social Integration can add a new high point to your wedding or party. Your guests are able to send their pictures to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Test (SMS) and email. Request social integration for your event today!

Nationwide Activations
Whether it is a multi-city activation or a wedding in the Caribbean, we are efficient, affordable, and fully portable. Some of the companies we have traveled the United States for are Microsoft, Ford Motor Company, TopGolf, StatOil, and State Farm. No matter the size of the event/activation for your photography needs, our professional staff can execute and exceed your expectations … without breaking the bank.
Red Carpet Booths
Roll out the red carpet for your guests or clients. This is an open air style set-up that is great for any occasion. The Paparazzi wall lets everyone see the fun! Limited space? Not a problem. Want a 15 foot Step & Repeat custom banner as a backdrop with stanchions? We can do that too. We can also brand the touch-screen monitor to add to the details. This style of photo opt generates brand awareness and buzz at its best!
Enclosed Booths
Our Enclosed Photo Booths are sleek in design and will go with any occasion. All of our booths are unbranded to help create a seamless add-on to your event. Either in the traditional black with a red curtain or white booth with a sheer curtain, our booths are all 5×5 enclosures fabricated from a wedding dress designer. All of our booths have touchscreen monitors with a live view screen so that your guests can see how great they look like along with the photo just taken.
Light Painting

Our Light Painting LYTE Box is the newest craze in Photo Booths. Our Lyte painting team will help you create unique fun photos that can instantly be printed and shared online. If you are looking for a unique way to brand your business with a twist or a new retro photo booth for your event, the Lyte Box is for you!

Bobble Noggins
Bobble Noggins are customized Bobble Heads created using green screen technology and an instant photo taken during the event. A custom cutout is created by superimposing the party guests heads with over 70 different bodies. Once the souvenir is assembled, it’s time to start wobbling those bobbling heads! What a great memory to take home from any event.

Animated Gifs

We have been doing animated Gif’s before Gif’s were cool.  We create the multi-frame photo animation that can be shared through any social media platform.  We can also print the photos that create the Gif on a traditional branded 2×6 photo strip, 4×6 print, or even a 5×7 branded photo.  Our team can also create Gif’s on Gif’s.  Creative possibilities with our photo booths are endless and most of all memorable FUN.

Custom Branding

We have many different styles of photo booths that can custom branded to fit your exact event or activation need.  Our Social Share Station wraps are perfect for any event that wants to create more exposure for you and your client through social media.  From social media platforms, custom props and signs, branded touchscreens, or even FULL booth wraps, our creative team can help visually create the brand love that exceeds ALL expectations.

Custom Photo Sets

Photo Sets are specifically designed and customized to fit your exact activation or event style and theme.The photo set to the right was created for a client that had an underwater theme. We not only printed 4×6 branded photos with Mermaids and a Pirate, we created an underwater set that was exactly what the client wanted. The only thing our creative team needs is your direction to produce the perfect set with the look and feel of your event. We can print a standard 2×6 photo strip, a 4×6 photo or a 5×7 photo completely branded to your specs.


Reach out to us so we can come to you! We will travel nationwide for your corporate activation, business event, school gathering, graduation, mitzvah, wedding or party!


Reach out to us so we can come to you! We will travel nationwide for your corporate activation, business event, school gathering, graduation, mitzvah, wedding or party!