It’s Bar Mitzvah time, which means your son is growing up and quickly. Didn’t it seem like yesterday he was heading off to Kindergarten? What about your daughter? She was just crawling and now she’s aware of her upcoming Bat Mitzvah. Now is the time to start capturing the memories for your child or children so they has something to show their children. Read on to learn how we can add a special element to your upcoming Mitzvah.

A Brief History (For Those Who Are Curious)

A Bar Mitzvah used to be a simple rite of passage for a young man in the Jewish faith. Years ago, when a male child turned 13, he would be called up to recite a passage from the Torah. This honor is known as Aliyah, which means “ascent,” dually-named appropriately for the physical action of walking up to recite as well as the implication of spiritual ascent. It signifies the transformation from a child, who doesn’t have the obligations of adhering to Jewish laws, to an adult, who has those obligations. Now, after years and traditions have changed, both Bar and Bat Mitzvahs can be much more than a recitation of the Torah. The celebrations are becoming just as important as the meaning behind them.

We have seen Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs that rival wedding receptions in terms of size and planning! Just like at the weddings we cater to, a photo booth rental is just as necessary at your son’s Bar Mitzvah or daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. All our Mitzvah plans include unlimited custom themes and fun props. With each event, we include a memory book for you to store your precious moments for a lifetime. Because we cater to so many events and types of people, we are always budget-conscious. Rest assured that you can choose how long you would like your rental to last. Our Mitzvah packages include 2, 3, 4 or 5-hour options that give your family the chances to capture all the best poses and group shots possible.

Family Celebrations: The Present And The Future

In today’s hectic, fast-paced world, how often does your family actually get together? Hopefully, it’s more than just holidays. At any rate, gathering the immediate family under the same roof can be daunting … don’t forget the extended family on those rare occasions. We consider all Mitzvahs to be one of those rare family-packed events that calls for photo opportunities. Make use of that valuable time and call in the professionals.

A Mitzvah is a milestone in your child’s life—and it only occurs once! It’s not something to be missed. More importantly, a once-in-a-lifetime event needs plenty of coverage. It’s not a milestone to keep in boxes in the attic either. Those pictures and memories need to live on forever for your child’s life and to be passed down.

Imagine being able to present photos from the theme of your choice, from either an open air “red carpet” style or a traditional 5’x5′ enclosed booth. Imagine the gratification of hearing your guests remark that your child’s Mitzvah reception was the best party ever.

The photo booth phenomenon will not be going away anytime soon.Add to your guests’ entertainment with a fun booth to enhance the celebration. Still, it’s important to select the right professional photo booth company to get the results you desire. Photo booths have become a growing trend, and serve many more purposes outside of traditional weddings and corporate events.

Mazel tov!

When people throw private parties, get married or plan corporate events, someone involved in planning hopes guests will enjoy their time. A photo booth can be a surefire solution for guests of all ages. Our props, custom backgrounds and spacious booths will give those planners the reassurance they need. A Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah is no different.

Thank you for reading,
The Foto Box Live Team | Photo Booths for ANY Event