Light painting with our LYTE Box is a freeform type of photography we offer to our clients. Our light painting booth is a completely dark booth. Guests have their picture taken as normal, only the camera’s shutter stays open longer to capture more light. During the slow shutter process, guests can draw in the air to create light art with glow sticks that are provided.

Where Your Imagination Comes Alive

The effect is capturing photos like someone twirling a sparkler during the Fourth of July. Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time, it’s fun to write and draw with light. As with our other booth rentals, we have our light painting booth staffed with one of our professional attendants. We can still add your personal logo or company information to every photo. In our experience, light painting and our LYTE Box are popular with weddings, private parties, mitzvahs—literally any celebratory event.

LYTE-ing Up Your Brand—Our Corporate Clients Love Our LYTE Box!

When you book a light painting booth with Foto Box Live, our LYTE Box stylist will work with you to ensure your guests’ photos are unique. We understand how to truly highlight your brand. Our staff will also ensure your photos are immediately ready to be shared and posted across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. With those social channels utilized, we can also build in email capture and hashtag tracking, allowing you to better track your leads.

Whether for personal memories to become a part of your scrapbook or a Facebook post for your company or client, light painting is fun and creative for everyone.

Thank you for reading,
The Foto Box Live Team | Photo Booths for ANY Event