Countless times, I’ve walked through arcades, malls, movie theatres, looked to my left or right and seen feet fidgeting underneath a curtain. Usually, it’s the feet of two people deeply in love. They emerge from the booth smiling and laughing with a giggle when viewing the shot where they kissed. Off they walk hand-in-hand. Photo booths bring a special kind of nostalgia, perhaps you took these photos on a first date, or at your Senior Prom. That strip of four pictures in your hand ignites memories in a way that an iPhone photo can’t.

Weddings are a wonderful time to reminisce about the first date, the first kiss, the first Christmas together, and with all the memories associated with photo booths, what better way to add joy and meaningful memories than with a wedding photo booth?

Foto box serves nationwide locations, with packages ranging from 2 to 5 hour rentals.

All wedding packages include the following:

  • Unlimited Photo Strips
  • Professional Attendant
  • Props
  • Custom Designed Photo Strip
  • Digital copies of all photos
  • Guest Book

Each guest will receive a copy of photos they are in, perfect for future nights around a kitchen table with old friends sharing heartfelt memories, and all the funny faces and cheesy smiles made in the foto box.

And for after the wedding, photo strip ideas on Pinterest has some wonderful ideas for creating crafts incorporating your pictures.

We would love to help you make lifelong memories. Feel free to contact us for more information, ideas, questions, or concerns.