In our previous blog on social media, we started discussing how posting can best be practiced with your Foto Box Live photos. Facebook and Twitter were the platforms we discussed. This week, it’s all about one of the biggest mobile app mergers in social media history—when Facebook bought Instagram.

Make Yourself Instagram-able

"instagram"While the other two social media outlets provide multiple ways of sharing content, Instagram is slightly more rigid. Pictures are the main content medium with the optional caption and calls-to-action (CTAs) in the users’ bios. Followers enjoy the pictures that are hard-hitting, emotional and captivating. When branding your business or products with Instagram-ready photos, be sure you follow these tips.

  • Diversify your images—mix your business photos with humor to show you have another side besides business. The trick is finding the right balance. Just like with Facebook, if you want to showcase both business and personal, have two separate accounts.
  • Follow back—it is proper social media etiquette to follow back. Additionally, your followers will appreciate the gesture and gain your trust.
  • Consistency—posting on a consistent schedule will help you gather more followers and likes by having constant content for people to consume and learn from
  • Profile—knowing how to lay out your profile is important. wrote a somewhat recent article on crafting the perfect Instagram biography.

The 3-Way Battle: Facebook vs. Twitter vs. Instagram

If you’re going to pick one to two platforms to post and engage with followers, we suggest using Facebook or Instagram. You will be the best return on engagement overall from these platforms for a few reasons. Firstly, Facebook and Instagram let you run ads against the platform. Sure, it costs money, but everything in business has a cost. What’s important is obtaining your return on that investment. Secondly, more active and engaging users can be found on Facebook and Instagram compared to Twitter. Facebook and Instagram users know the value in DMs or direct messages and opening up lines of communication off your main feeds.

Twitter is more the platform for users who just like to shout their opinions and shortened links to products they sell. It’s advertising, but not the most efficient way of advertising. For the most part, getting people to engage long-term on Twitter is a challenge. In our experience, the user base treats Twitter as a news channel on TV. They will get information and retweet or like if it’s valuable to them and move on.

In Summary

Everyone knows that the natural, organic reach of people telling their friends and family about your company online is more impactful than any traditional expensive marketing campaign. Word of mouth is paramount to marketing. The problem is that most companies struggle to create content that their customers actually want to share. Easy–make your customers the poster children of your products and services. Put your products in customer’s hands or in front of people when they step in the booth. This is where green-screens, props come in handy as well as custom-branded photos your guests can share online.

Social media is changing the way many people think about businesses, both from an advertising standpoint and an employee standpoint. Having an active social media account that reveals tidbits from your business life can be a great way to improve morale at your company, as well as show the world how much you care.

Encourage employees or guests to take photos using our “red carpet” backdrop to make your event more professional. (In a future blog, we will discuss an uncommon hack around creating the same red carpet look without the actual red carpet; stay tuned!) If you want casual, request the right props and a green screen for your upcoming event. You will be surprised by how many people line up just to take a photo.

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