With our newly designed website, we have brought you the basics on weddings, corporate activations and how to best utilize your Foto Box fotos within those two verticals. Now the Foto Box Live team is getting more technical with social media. In this blog, we’re covering the advantages behind posting to three of the major social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter and Instagram—and how we can integrate with them. Each social media outlet has its own purpose and photos can be used across each of them differently.

Social Media: Calling All Facebook Users


Photographs don’t have to be specifically tied to a brand or a company. They can still be valuable as memories between friends and family, both present and future. It’s about creating a moment. Facebook albums are one of many places to store so many great moments. Because Facebook allows uploads to a photo album directly within other apps and devices, memories are created fast and easily.

The reason share-ability is so attainable is because most people are visual. Facebook posts with photos outrank those without photos. Photo branding allows you to showcase your brand, your business and/or yourself in ways that written content cannot. A picture really is worth a thousand words. Our team brings that capability directly to any guest that walks into our photo booths. Guests can receive a print out of their photos or choose to directly upload them to our Facebook albums, or both!

Separate Personal From Business

When it comes to using photos to sell your brand or business on Facebook, you should always … always … always keep personal separate from business. Use a business page for business-related content and photos, while your personal page should be only personal content. Merging the two will hurt you. Facebook’s algorithm will prevent friends from seeing you when mixing personal content and business pages and vice versa. Consider who or what is in a photo before you post it to the appropriate page. If it suits neither, avoid posting it at all.

Proper Representation

In regards to your brand or business photos, it’s important you put effort into them. Keep only the highlights because not every picture needs to be posted. At the same time, not everything in the photo needs to be included. Use tools like PicMonkey to crop out unnecessary content. Cropping your photos highlights the subject you’re trying to showcase. Tighter crops look more professional and intriguing–especially if it’s you or your business.

Enter The Twittersphere


One reason social media posting fails to take off is because there’s a shocking lack of engagement. For an open-ended question following a video on Facebook, there could be 2,000 views, which sounds like a lot. With that many views, you may find yourself with only 300 likes and 15 comments. That means it’s appealing content, but not enough to call those visitors to action. Perhaps your content is not best suited for Facebook. What about Twitter?

If your post is shorter and to the point, a platform like Twitter may work for you. People’s attention spans are already short. Technically, Twitter is classified as a news app in the iTunes app store. That doesn’t stop roughly 255,000,000 people worldwide from sharing their two cents.¹ One-hundred and forty characters can include quick and effective highlights of you with your photo from your event. Twitter is notorious for hashtags, which are trackable. Trackable means receiving data from the field on your images, your business or your brand. Maybe your company is including a hashtag of its own to promote the event. Include it into the photo strips and marketing that you and your guests all share. Like we mentioned before, word of mouth marketing is the best form of marketing. ¹ Source: Statista

At Foto Box, we can integrate your pictures on whatever platforms you prefer. This will enable your customers to engage with your social media pages by liking, sharing, tweeting and/or pinning pictures from your event to their profiles and boards.  We can also generate social media reports for you allowing you to better understand your metrics.

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The Foto Box Live Team | Photo Booths for ANY Event