A green screen photo booth is used to create any type of background or photograph you desire. Green screens are used because there’s an endless amount of backgrounds available. Another upside is that many images off the internet are royalty free as well). Because green screens are fully customizable, you have free reign to pick what is displayed in the background of your photos. A green screen photo booth from Foto Box Live will allow your guests to literally step into the theme of your party.

Green Screens: Advantages For Corporate Activations and Brand-Related Events

Here are four tips on how to best use a green screen at your next corporate event:

  1. Incorporate your logo—your pictures and logo will find themselves on social media platforms quickly. Because every event guest will walk out with a photo strip as well, your logo is included on each strip. Maximize your marketing efforts by showcasing your logo, colors, and slogan.
  2. Choose a fun backdrop—ensure your background will inspire fun poses from your attendees. You can easily transport your guests to a famous place like the Eiffel Tower or an island off the coast of Thailand.
  3. Create a border—incorporating a border will add extra flare to your photos. It’s another way to stand out to the public and your staff.
  4. Create multiple designs—we have a touchscreen monitor where your guests can easily choose from 3 different backgrounds. With so many extra options, you’ll have more marketing content than you will know what to do with.

Using GREEN Screen To Simulate The RED Carpet

On our rentals page, the very first service we cover is a step-and-repeat banner. It usually is a backdrop for pictures against the ever-famous red carpet. Creating the real red carpet experience can be expensive, so we offer an innovative and cost-effective solution. We can digitally create a step-and-repeat background using your corporate logo(s). Your customers walk on the red carpet in front of the green screen, and when the picture is processed, they will be on the red carpet in front of your step-and-repeat corporate logo background.

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The Foto Box Live Team | Photo Booths for ANY Event